The Definitive Amp In A Box Effect List

As is often the way, when I start wanting to research a subject for my own interest it turns into a list! I’ve been looking at amp in a box effects for a while now as both a live and a recording tool. There’s something about a physical product that feels better than using your DAW to get a certain tone, so I started hunting them down.

In most of the cases the effect is quite clearly designed to emulate an amp, but sometimes it’s just an aspect of an amp, ie, the specific overdrive sound or something. As with anything like this I would suggest you do your own research to see if the effect pedal is going to do exactly what you are after. You’ll also notice that sometimes it just says the brand of amp rather than the model – that’s simply all the information I could gather.

Now I know this list is far from complete, so please let me know what I’ve missed. In particular I’m fascinated by the ususal ones – Silvertone, Supro, Dumble etc

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Alexander Silver JubileeMarshall Silver Jubilee
AMT Electronics Legend Amps 02Orange
AMT Legends V1Vox
Analog Alien Bucket SeatMarshall Plexi
Baroni Lab Vox Tone 30Vox AC-30
Bearfoot Emerald GreenVox
Bearfoot FX Model G Distortion Machine (Ge/Si)Gibson Skylark
Bearfoot Model H+Hiwatt
Bogner Ecstasy BlueBogner Ecstacy
Bogner Ecstasy RedBogner Ecstacy
Bogner La GrangeMarshall Plexi
Bogner Uberschall PedalBogner Ubershall
BOSS BC-2 Combo DriveVox
Boss FDR-1 ReverbFender Deluxe Reverb
Browntone Hoochee MamaFender Tweed
Carl Martin AC-ToneVox AC-30
Carl Martin PlexiToneMarshall JMP Plexi
Castledine Electronics Magical Mystery BoxVox
Catalinbread CB30Vox AC-30
Catalinbread Dirty Little SecretMarshall Super Lead
Catalinbread Formula 5F6Fender Tweed Bassman
Catalinbread Formula No.55Fender Tweed 5E3 Deluxe
Catalinbread GalileoVox
Catalinbread RahHiwatt/Marshall
Catalinbread Sabbra CadabraLaney Supergroup
Catalinbread SFTAmpeg
Catalinbread WIIOHiwatt
Earthquaker Devices Acapulco GoldSunn Model T
Earthquaker Devices MonarchOrange OR-120
EFX Custom Effects Classic ACVox
Fire Custom Shop Carpe Diem Overdrive PedalMarshall Plexi
FredAmp #2 T-Boost SoundVox
Hermida Zen DriveDumble
Hipkitty OxbloodVox
Hotone Grass OverdriveDumble
J.Rockett Audio Designs High TopVox
J.Rockett Audio Designs MaxVox
J.Rockett Led BootsMarshall
J.Rockett Pedals – Tim Pierce Signature OD/BoostNaylor SD60
Jext Telez Buzz ToneSelmer
JHS Angry CharlieMarshall JCM800
JHS Charlie BrownMarshall
JHS SuperBoltSupro Thunderbolt
JHS Twin TwelveSilvertone 1484
Joyo Ironman JF-306 Rushing TrainVox
Joyo Ironman JF-307 Clean GlassFender Blackface
Joyo Ironman JF-308 Golden FaceMarshall
Joyo Ironman JF-309 Boogie MasterMesa Boogie
Joyo Ironman JF-310 Orange JuiceOrange
Joyo JF-13 AC ToneVox AC-30
Joyo JF-14 American SoundFender
Joyo JF-15 California SoundMesa Boogie
Joyo JF-16 British SoundMarshall Plexi
Keeley El Rey DoradoMarshall Plexi
Kingsley Maiden Top BoostVox
Kingsley Squire Top BoostVox
Lovepedal 5e3 DeluxeFender Tweed
Lovepedal Death of a VoxVox
Lovepedal EnglishmanVox
Lovepedal Flaming B*tchVox
Lovepedal Purple PlexiMarshall Plexi
Lovepedal Voxland BilletVox
Lumpy's Tone Shop Lemon DropVox
Lumpys Tone Shop Leeds BoostHiwatt
M.A.D. Effects DD30Vox AC-30
Mad Professor TwimbleDumble OD Special
Marshall’s Guv’NorMarshall Plexi
Menatone Dirty BlondeFender Tweed
Menatone MenawattHiwatt
Menatone Top Boost in a CanVox
Modtone Bohemian OverdriveVox
Mooer 001 Gas StationDiezel Hagen Preamp Section
Mooer 002 UK Gold 900Marshall JCM900 Preamp Section
Mooer 003 Power ZoneKoch Powertone
Mooer 004 Day Tripper Micro PreampVox AC-30
Mooer 005 Brown SoundEVH 5150
Mooer 006 US Classic DeluxeFender Blues Deluxe
Mooer 007 Regal ToneToneKing Falcon
Mooer 008 Cali-MK 3Mesa Boogie MK III
Mooer 009 BlacknightENGL Richie Blackmore
Mooer 010 Two StonesTwo Rock Coral
Mooer Rumble DriveDumble
Orange Bax Bangeetar

Pedal Monsters Bright Lights OverdriveVox
Radial’s Tonebone Plexitube 2-Channel Tube DistortionMarshall Plexi
Ramble Fx Marvel DriveMarshall Plexi
Rothwell Hellbender Overdrive Pedal Marshall Plexi
Runoffgroove BritanniaVox
Shin’s Music DumbloidDumble
Supro DriveSupro
Tanabe DumkudoDumble
Tanabe ZenkudoDumble
Tech 21 BlondeFender
Tech 21 BritishMarshall Plexi
Tech 21 CaliforniaMesa Boogie
Tech 21 Hot-Rod PlexiMarshall Plexi
Tech 21 LeedsHiwatt
Tech 21 LiverpoolVox AC-30
Tech 21 OxfordOrange OR-120
Tech 21 US SteelMesa Boogie Dual/Triple Rec
Tech 21 VT BassAmpeg SVT
Thundertomate Tube Amp EmulatorVox
Tone City Black TeaVox
Tone City Model VVox
Tronographic Rusty BoxTraynor TS-50B
Two Notes Le CrunchMarshall Plexi
Vox Over The Top BoostVox
Vox Tone Garage Straight 6Vox
Wampler Ace Thirty/Thirty SomethingVox AC-30
Wampler Black '65Fender Blackface
Wampler cataPulpOrange
Wampler Cranked ACVox
Wampler EuphoriaDumble
Wampler Plexi-DriveMarshall Plexi
Wampler SLOstortionSoldano SLO-100
Wampler Triple WreckMesa Boogie
Wampler Tweed '57Fender Tweed
Wilson Effects Dual Lotus DriveDumble
Xotic AC Plus Boost/OverdriveVox AC-30
Xotic SL DriveMarshall Plexi
XTS Atomic DriveMarshall Plexi
ZVEX Box of RockMarshall JTM45
Boss FBM-1Fender '69 Bassman

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