Original Song: Music For A Rainy Day

Month 87 of the song-a-month project is another that had challenges attached. While last month’s song was in the midst of packing to move, this month has been about getting setting up in my new home to actually… Read More

Original Song: Long Gone

Month 86 of the song-a-month project, and one that made it out despite some trying times! Moving house is never easy, so with most of my gear packed up I’m using this version of Long Gone that was… Read More

Original Song: White Knuckles (A Song For Rebecca)

And so begins the eighth years of the original song-a-month project. Month 85 brings a song with an interesting story. I always try and write a song each flight I take (which is quite a few). On a… Read More

One Million Page Impressions!

Seven years and 21 days ago I built this website to track the progress of writing, recording and publishing a song each month. It has been all about staying true to the edict that creativity doesn’t need inspiration,… Read More

4 Guitars Made From Unusual Materials

Social media feeds over that past month or so have picked up on the amazing guitar made from coloured pencils, and it spiked an interest in me to find other guitars made from unusual materials. A couple of… Read More


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