74 Bands With Food In Their Name

Why I decide to do certain lists is probably best kept quiet lest you start to question my sanity, but this one isn’t too bad. There are a couple of other lists of bands with food in their name online but they, as do many lists, contain really obscure bands I’ve never heard of. Hell, what’s to stop me coming up with a fictional band called Broccoli Icecream and including it? No one would ever question me! So with that in mind, here are a bunch of “food bands” that you’ve hopefully heard of.

1. G Love & Special Sauce
2. Bananarama
3. Vanilla Ice
4. Cream
5. T-Bone Walker
6. The Flying Burrito Brothers
7. Bowling for Soup
8. Humble Pie
9. Red Hot Chili Peppers
10. The Raspberries
11. Blind Melon
12. The Cranberries
13. Spice Girls
14. Chuck Berry
15. Cake
16. Korn
17. Meat Puppets
18. Veruca Salt
19. Mudhoney
20. Lamb Of God
21. Phish
22. Hootie and the Blowfish
23. The Jam
24. The Sugarhill Gang
25. Hot Chocolate
26. Squirrel Nut Zippers
27. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
28. Fishbone
29. Cracker
30. Hall & Oates
31. Big Pig
32. Juice Newton
33. Sweet
34. Wings
35. Peaches & Herb
36. Fiona Apple
37. T-Bone Burnett
38. Kid Creole & the Coconuts
39. Smashing Pumpkins
40. Tangerine Dream
41. Black Eyed Peas
42. The Sugarcubes
43. Toni Basil
44. The Electric Prunes
45. Country Joe & the Fish
46. Hot Tuna
47. Taco
48. Blue Öyster Cult
49. Meatloaf
50. The Lemonheads
51. Salt-N-Pepa
52. Lambchop
53. Bread
54. Ice Cube
55. Sugar Ray
56. Flavor Flav
57. Peaches
58. Pearl Jam
59. Captain Beefheart
60. Hot Butter
61. Reel Big Fish
62. Trout Fishing In Quebec
63. Eddie Rabbit
64. Wild Cherry
65. The Eels
66. Bad Brains
67. Eagle Eye Cherry
68. Soup Dragons
69. Martha And The Muffins
70. The Mutton Birds
71. Strawberry Alarm Clock
72. Godley & Crème
73. Midnight Oil
74. Sherbet

As always, if you’ve got any more you’d like to add just whack them in the comments section.


30 Comments on “74 Bands With Food In Their Name

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  2. Uh… Midnight Oil is a bit of a reach, don’t you think? “Burning the Midnight Oil” had nothing to do with food…

    • Ha! Good call – I guess that rules out me claiming Magic Dirt ‘cos, well, vegetables grow in, um, dirt 😉

    • Midnight Oil were/are an Australian band – had a worldwide hit with ‘Beds Are Burning’. They may or not have been named after the Hendrix song.

  3. Orange Juice (from Glasgow)
    Herman Brood (Brood is Dutch for bread, he was a singer/songwriter/musician

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