Modified Fender Frontman 15R Amp

Not much of an explanation for this one – the original Fender Frontman 15R came from ebay and due to a smashed cabinet cost only $15. Separating the head and cab and building a couple of housings was pretty straightforward. It’s embarrassing to say I’ve barely used it, but it was more an exercise in woodworking than anything else.

2 Comments on “Modified Fender Frontman 15R Amp

  1. hey, looks great. just wondering if you could tell me the steps you went through to get to this. i have an old unused 15r, wanted to do the same thing to it

  2. Glad you like it! You are testing my memory as I made it a few years ago, but basically it was as simple as dismantling the original amp, measuring the cabinet to get the basic dimensions then building a couple of boxes! I didn’t do anything “clever” with calculating the right size for the speaker box as it was more about the aesthetics than the sound. There’s a bit of a challenge in getting the reverb unit into the head (it sits on the floor next to the speaker in the original) but it’s not too bad. Then it’s as simple as mounting a jack in the speaker cabinet and another on the back panel of the head and you are good to go. Sadly I don’t use it too much – but at least it looks okay! I’d love to see what you come up with.

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