27 Songs About Dogs

singing dogsHere’s a quick one off the back of the “Songs About Cats” list from a couple of months back. What can I say? 27 songs about dogs, influenced by dogs, inspired by dogs. I know there are heaps more, but I figured I’d stop at 27 for a reason I still don’t understand. I do think this is a better collection than the cat one in terms of the quality of songs, but then I guess I am more of a dog person…

  1. I Love My Dog by Cat Stevens
    A cat and a dog – you can’t ask for more.
  2. Walking the Dog by Rufus Thomas/The Rolling Stones
    The original is cool, but the Stones version is my favourite.
  3. Martha My Dear by The Beatles
    About Paul McCarney’s Old English Sheepdog, Martha.
  4. Cracker Jack by Dolly Parton
    Aw, how sweet. Good ‘ol Cracker Jack…
  5. Gypsy, Joe and Me by Dolly Parton
    Dolly does dogs part 2
  6. I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges
    Literally or figuratively? Only Iggy knows!
  7. Sometimes I Don’t Mind by Suicide Machines
    There’s even an appearance from Chewy the dog barking at the end.
  8. My Dog and Me by John Hyatt
    Like it says on the tin…
  9. Black Eyed Dog by Nick Drake
    Depressing (as in “the black dog), or canine? You decide.
  10. Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
    Elvis getting in on the dog scene early.
  11. Old Blue by The Byrds
    An old folk song covered by heaps of people.
  12. Shannon by Henry Gross
    Apparently about Beach Boy Carl Wilson’s Irish Setter who was lost after being swept out to sea.
  13. Old Shep by Elvis Presley
    Originally recorded in 1933 by Red Foley about his German Shepherd, Hoover, who was poisoned.
  14. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
    Folklore says it’s about a black dog that wandered by the studio one day.
  15. Man of the Hour by Norah Jones
    About her poodle, Ralph.
  16. Atomic Dog by George Clinton
    Funk and dogs – yep, that’s a winner.
  17. Old King by Neil Young
    About Young’s beloved hound dog appropriately named Elvis.
  18. Dogs Are Everywhere by Pulp
    Even better is the canine link to the lead singer’s surname!
  19. Move It On Over by Hank Williams
    Not just about dogs, but life in the doghouse!
  20. All That I’ve Got by The Used
    Inspired by McCracken’s dog, David Bowie, who was hit by a truck during a recording session.
  21. Maga Dog by Peter Tosh/The Wailers
    A “maga dog” is a skinny dog that can be a bit vicious
  22. Lou Dog by Sublime
    Brad Nowell’s dalmation featured often in their music.
  23. Seamus by Pink Floyd
    Seamus was Steve Marriott’s dog, and was used to do some “howling” on this track.
  24. The Puppy Song by Harry Nillson
    Apparently written at the request of Paul McCartney.
  25. I Love My Dog by Sublime
    Another great track from Brad Nowell about Lou, his dalmation.
  26. Life Goes On by Long Beach Dub Allstars
    Yep, Lou dog gets another run: this was written as a tribute to Nowell and Lou Dog after his death.

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