25 Musicians Who Are Golfers – And That May Surprise You

musicians who are golfersOff the back of my Musicians Who Surf list a while back, I’ve been thinking about other activities that might not be such a natural fit. Everyone knows about Alice Cooper’s passion for golf, but I wondered if there were any other musicians who are golfers of note. Rather than keep wondering, I did a bit of digging.

Golf Digest magazine has regularly published lists of golfing musicians, most recently in 2014 (you can see the article here to check out their top 100 – it’s well worth checking out). I’ve picked out the 25 that I was either impressed by or surprised to see. I guess it has to be said that if you “work” happens at night, you do end up with some free time during the day, and all that touring would lead to the chance to play a good variety of courses.

1. VINCE GILL (Handicap: plus-0.3)
This country star has been a scratch player since high school

2. ADRIAN YOUNG (Handicap: 1.8)
No Doubt’s drummer plays very well.

3. KENNY G (Handicap: 2)
He may polarise with his sax but he weilds a mighty club

4. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (Handicap: 4.2)
That’s a mighty impressive handicap

5. ALICE COOPER (Handicap: 5.5)
Probably rock’s most famous golfer

6. DARIUS RUCKER (Handicap: 6.7)
Hootie & the Blowfish’s best golfer – and several band members are pretty good.

7. HUEY LEWIS (Handicap: 7)
News? Huey can play.

8. DAVE (PHOENIX) FARRELL (Handicap: 7.4)
Linkin Park’s bass player

9. FRANK BEARD (Handicap: 8)
When you think the Top, you don’t think golf, but you should!

10. ALAN WHITE (Handicap: 8.2)
Yes’ drummer may be 65 but he still scores well

11. TICO TORRES (Handicap: 8.4)
Another drummer, this time from Bon Jovi

12. ROBBY KRIEGER (Handicap: 9.1)
The Doors guitarist plays fine

13. DARRYL JENIFER (Handicap: 11)
Again, Bad Brains and golf doesn’t seem a natural fit, but the bassist plays a mean game

14. ROBIN ZANDER (Handicap: 11)
Cheap Trick singer/guitarist

15. BRANFORD MARSALIS (Handicap: 11.7)
I’ll take his sax work over Kenny G, but he’s not quite in the same golfing league

16. FAT MIKE BURKETT (Handicap: 12)
NOFX and Me First & The Gimme Gimmes

17. DREW COPELAND (Handicap: 13)
Didn’t think I’d be mentioning Sister Hazel in this list, but their guitarist loves playing

18. ERIK (SMELLY) SANDIN (Handicap: 13)
The NOFX drummer must have some fun games with Fat Mike

19. JUSTIN BIEBER (Handicap: 15)
Yep, the Biebs!

20. DON FELDER & GLENN FREY (Handicap: 15)
These two share the same handicap as well as the stage with the Eagles

21. ADAM LEVINE (Handicap: 15)
The voice of Maroon 5

22. HARRY STYLES (Handicap: 15)
I was surprised to find the One Direction singer on this list

23. JERRY CANTRELL (Handicap: 18)
The Alice in Chains singer/guitarist

24. KID ROCK (Handicap: 18)
Another surprise appearance!

25. FRED DURST (Handicap: 26.9)
The Limp Bizkit frontman loves the game

By the way, the cool pic on this post is a customised club covering that you can get here.

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    • Tiger Woods said there are only ,2 people in the world that own there swings, BOBBY JONES ,and the least know Canada’s MOE NORMAN

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