The Cavan Project Year In Review

Year in reviewIt’s been two years since I started this project, built around the idea of writing and recording a new song each month – and being comfortable enough to put it out there for public scrutiny. It was only meant to last a year, but I’ve just kept it rolling as I’m really enjoying the process of creative discipline that it drives. Over time it’s become a site for me to add various stories, lists and discoveries, but it’s the original songs that remain at its core. So time for the year in review…

There have been many – probably too many – months when I’ve not been that happy with the songs that I’ve produced, and indeed wondered why I keep on bothering to churn them out. God knows it must be hard for those of you who have listened to each and every song!! But I realize that I’m actually doing it for me rather than for an audience, and the courage it sometimes takes to “go public” is quite satisfying. So I will keep it going for as long as I can, with the hope that along the way there will be the occasional gem that keeps the creative juices going. It’s like the average golfer who only needs the occasional good hole – or even a single great shot – to keep them coming back.

In the 12 months this site has existed, it has received over 15,000 visits and generated almost 30,000 page impressions; what’s more people from 38 countries have listened to my original songs almost 1000 times on Soundcloud.

My two favourite original songs this year were A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska – especially the Cliff Cavan remix – and seeing as I did get married this year, Marrying Kind Of Day.

This year I also cranked up the output on different kinds of posts on the site, in particular getting stuck into one of my favourite things: lists. The 25 Tall Musicians post has been one of the most popular this year, but my favourites have also included 51 Jobs Musicians Had Before They Became Famous, 28 Musicians Who Left A Band Too Soon, and 17 Weird Musician Endorsements.

It’s also been a year of construction with a very basic cigar box guitar followed by the building of three “custom” box guitars – and winding my first ever pickup!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited the site or listened to my songs in 2013 – and remember to like the Cavan Project page on Facebook if you want to keep an eye on what’s going on – and also wish everyone a happy new year for 2014.


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