18 Worst Songs Ever

Worst songs everOver the past couple of years most of the lists here have been pretty objective – you can’t really argue about who the tallest musician is – but now it’s time for something a bit more subjective: the worst songs ever. That said, it can’t really be just about my opinion, so the list here is a compilation of songs that readers, viewers and users of various media outlets have voted as being really crap. You could say this is the best of the worst. I’ve also tried to keep clear of novelty songs – as they are more crap than not anyway!! As always, happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

1. “We Built This City”, Starship
It may have been a number one hit, but it truly cleans up in the worst ever charts – Blender, Rolling Stone and VH1 all gave it the top slot.

2. “(You’re) Having My Baby”, Paul Anka
Even successful crooners can screw up – this one was voted worst song by CNN.com users in 2006.

3. “Chinese Food”, Alison Gold
A true shocker and worst song of 2013 according to Time magazine.

4. “Surrounded by Silence”, Design the Skyline
A “YouTube” sensation, these guys clean up with lots of worst band ever and worst song ever “awards”. The kind of song that makes you think, “I could do better than that

5. “Dance with Me”, Reginald Bosanquet
Voted number one 1 in the Bottom 30 by listeners of British DJ Kenny Everett in 1980.

6. “Agadoo”, Black Lace
Everyone knows this one – but that doesn’t make it any better! Rated the worst song ever in a Q Magazine poll in 2003.

7. “Heartbeat”, Don Johnson
Worst ever according to Boston.com, this one shows that actors should stick to acting.

8. “Friday”, Rebecca Black
BBC Newsbeat and E! Online name it in the worst ever – but there are some cool parodies that were based on it.

9. “Miracles”, Insane Clown Posse
CraveOnline named it the worst rap song of all time and other sites have followed suit. Mind you the lyrics are so awesome you kind of have to listen to them.

10. “I Want My Baby Back”, Jimmy Cross
This is a cracker – a parody of a teenage tragedy song but it still feels a little earnest for me. I do like the bit where he has to find all the pieces of his girl… yep, that bad.

11. “Rockstar”, Nickelback
Poor old Nickelback – it wouldn’t seem right if they weren’t in here! Buzzfeed and Popjustice are two of the sites that have come down hard on this one.

12. “My Humps”, The Black Eyed Peas
Rolling Stone readers called this the most annoying song of all time…

13. “Rude”, Magic!
Chosen as the worst of 2014 by Time.com.

14. “Who Let the Dogs Out?”, Baha Men
Spinner’s “Top 20 Worst Songs Ever” had this at number one… yup.

15. “Achy Breaky Heart”, Billy Ray Cyrus
I couldn’t find a list where it was number one, but it’s in the top three of just about all of them!!

16. “The Millennium Prayer”, Cliff Richard
A VH1 poll had this as the worst of all time.

17. “Life”, Des’ree
A multiple vote getter – especially in the worst lyrics ever category (you have to listen to them!). The BBC, The Independent, and the Herald Sun all had this at #1.

18. “The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)”, The Cheeky Girls
Worst ever pop record said Channel 4 viewers in the UK back in 2004.

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