14 Songs About February

songs about februaryYep, I’m determined to work my way through the series of lists of songs with months in the title – this time it’s songs about February. A pretty ordinary month I’d have to say – lots of moody stuff that’s evocative more than inspiring. Lou Reed’s Xmas In February is a standout, as are the two rap/hip-hip tracks from Ramson Badbonez and Elzhi, and a solid effort from Foo Fighters. I’m not really sure why it’s such a short list – most of the months I’ve done so far have had easily north of 20 tracks and in December (with its 38 tracks) I actually culled a few. January was the least tracks to this point with only 18, so perhaps there’s something to do with the weather. Maybe for the northern hemisphere it’s something to do with the fact that winter is dragging on a bit and no one is in the mood to write cracking tracks! For the southern hemisphere there’s no excuse though! Surely February, still warm and sunny, would be the inspiration for something interesting. Maybe there’s a clue for aspiring songwriters to fill the gap here. As always if I’ve missed please don’t hesitate to let me know! And if you are in the mood, check out the September, October, November, December  and January.

1. “Xmas In February” by Lou Reed

2. “February” by Elzhi

3. “February – Whateva Da Weatha” by Ramson Badbonez

4. “February Air” by Lights

5. “February Stars” by Foo Fighters

6. “February Song” by Josh Groben

7. “February” by The Waifs

8. “February Tale” by Pill-Oh

9. “February Winds” by Billy Talent

10. “February Seven” by The Avett Brothers

11.“February Skies” by Wayes Blood

12. “February” by The Getaway Plan

13. “London In February” by Coastal

14. “One Heavy February” by Architecture In Helsinki

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