iPhone Songwriter Apps: My Tools On The Go

Here’s my current set of iPhone songwriter apps that I call on a fair bit when I’m in songwriting mode.

First off, I use Rhyme Time as my thesaurus on the go. Yep, there are free ones out there but I just find this the simplest and best one.

iStroboSoft is my tuner. At $10 it ain’t cheap, but I just like the functionality of strobe tuners.

ProChords is a nifty one when you’ve got say three chords that you like together, but are a bit stumped on what other ones to use. If you’ve got musical theory down pat then you won’t need this. I don’t, so I do.

Amongst the myriad of chord finding apps, I like Chord Bank Pro for guitar duty; Chords4Ukes for, yep, the uke,; and Mandolin Companion for the rare times I break that one out.

Next there’s a couple of iDrum modules for creating beats – I also use the desktop version of this on my Mac. Easily the one that’s been most intuitive for me.

Finally, a simple tempo app for when I’ve got a melody and want to at least know what tempo to set up in Garageband when I start trying to record it! I can’t find the link to the one I’m using but all of them do roughly the same thing.

So that’s it right now – no doubt more updates on this in future.

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