Original Song: The Flame

An exciting development for the 48th month: true collaboration on The Flame! As the song-a-month process has gone on I feel that I have broadened my abilities, but not nearly as far as I’d like to, so the… Read More

Original Song: Watching The Executives

Well if there’s ever been a song that I’ve struggled with its this one – not so much for coming up with lyrics or even a chord pattern, but more how I wanted to approach it. It started… Read More

Original Song: Bondi

And so to the 44th month in the song-a-month project, and I’ve just scraped in. Entering the last day of August all I had was an incomplete set of lyrics and a couple of chords I felt like… Read More

Original Song: Shutters Down

42 months now in the “original song a month” project, and this one came together pretty easily. I was listening to an Ocean Colour Scene song and liked the chord pattern – so I grabbed it, made a… Read More

Original Song: Wine And Roses

This month’s original song has its roots back in 2007 when I wrote a couple of verses that have lived in my notebook ever since. In searching for some inspiration I found them again a couple of weeks… Read More


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