Original Song: I Read It On A Poster

Month 64 of the original song a month project and there’s a pretty sparse offering. The idea behind this song started a few months back when I was at an airport and saw a poster with the line… Read More

Original Song: Canals

And so we get to month 57 of the original-song-a-month project. I’m quite purposely putting this up in quite a raw state simply because that’s the way it was created. On a mini-holiday last week we had one… Read More

Original Song: Seldom Fair

An interesting month 54 in the song-a-month project with “Seldom Fair” in that it followed a path that’s become quite familiar: lyrics pour out quickly and easy early in the month, as does the basic chord pattern. But… Read More

Original Song: You Wouldn’t Even Like Me

Fifty-two months in and I’m taking a bit of a mulligan. Yep, I’m getting You Wouldn’t Even Like Me up in the month (albeit a mere 5 hours before the month ends!) but it’s hardly finished. The vocal… Read More

Original Song: It Will Rain Today

The start of the fifth year of doing my original-song-a-month-project has been pretty smooth. The lyrics for It Will Rain Today came together pretty quickly but I took forever to nail down the music side of things. What’s… Read More


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