Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music – Review

I first read this when it came out in 2010, but I’ve re-read it a couple of times since. Why? It’s a fascinating and compelling story of the way recorded music has evolved. The real strength of Perfecting… Read More

Gretsch Jet Baritone Review

Baritones are tricky beasts in that they can be tuned a number of ways. The Gretsch Jet Baritone is more a bass than a guitar – certainly the way it was set up when I got it –… Read More

Review: Arturia Experience “The Factory” Hybrid Synth

For a long time, keyboards were a blind spot for me. I’d played a bit of piano as a kid, but over the years as I became more comfortable with a stringed-instrument fret board, my understanding of and… Read More


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