I got the bulk of this month’s original song down in the first week of August. I played it to a couple of my “advisors” who both made the comment that I’m channeling my inner Nick Cave. It’s… Read More

Original Song: Wine And Roses

This month’s original song has its roots back in 2007 when I wrote a couple of verses that have lived in my notebook ever since. In searching for some inspiration I found them again a couple of weeks… Read More

Original Song: Time To Go

A few months ago I was down at Narrabeen beach and noticed a guy who appeared to have turned a picnic shelter into his temporary home. With a couple of old bags and a surfboard, he sat there… Read More

Original Song: The Splinter

Well, The Splinter is another magazine article based song that’s snuck in on the last day of the month to extend my song-a-month streak to 29. There’s something in this one but I’ve simply run out of time… Read More


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