Shuffle Aces: Towerbrown – Let’s Paint It Brown

jw dating appHot on the back of The Riots from Russia as a Shuffle Aces discovery comes a classic from a French outfit: Towerbrain – Let’s Paint It Brown. This is the Hammond sound at it’s finest, with brilliant musicianship and a real feel for the ‘60s vibe they are recreating.

I have a thing for the whole Hammond organ thing that probably started the first time I heard Jimmy Smith’s Back At The Chicken Shack (still one of my all time favourite albums). While that album is jazz-based it still has an incredibly groove that seems almost impossible to not achieve with the legendary Hammond B-3.

Hammond organs had been around since 1934 (and were originally sold to churches as a cheap alternative to a big pipe organ) but became an incredibly influential instrument in the ’60 and ‘70s. They were stand equipment for many blues and prog rock bands of the era as well as forging a place in the soul and funk genres. The list of users in impressive: Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Steppenwolf, Atomic Rooster, Grand Funk Railroad, Rainbow and Whitesnake, Santana, Procol Harum, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Boston, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers Band, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Grateful Dead.

Okay, that’s the history out of the way, what about Towerbrown? The got together back in 2009 and are obviously heavily influenced by ‘60s R&B and soul and British beat music. They released Let’s Paint It Brown only a few months after forming but we are still waiting for their first album (due this year). It’s hard to find much information about them but suffice to say I’ll keep an eye out for their debut.

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Shuffle Aces is a series of posts that highlights a song of the week that “shuffling” has brought forth. With all the streaming services it’s not just an iPod on shuffle mode that we use to discover new stuff, but the principle remains the same: hit play and wait to see what gems come forth.

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