Shuffle Aces: Mark Crozer And The Rels – Broken Out In Love

Mark CrozerA couple of weeks ago I attended the WWE show in Sydney with my sons. It was pretty good entertainment, but the absolute highlight was when the Wyatt Family entered the arena. For those not in the wrestling know, this entails the lights going out and everyone in the audience holds up their phones (in the old days it would have been lighters) and swaying back and forth. Then the music starts as the good ol’ Wyatts wander down the ramp in darkness towards the ring. The music is, as I now know, the Mark Crozer and the Rels song Broken Out In Love (but renamed Live In Fear by the WWE crew after they bought the rights to it. Bottom line is that it’s an awesome track.

Mark Crozer is an Englishman probably best known for the fact he was the bass player in the solo band that Jim Reid from The Jesus And Mary Chain had. Then, when The Jesus and Mary Chain reformed in 2007, he became the rhythm guitarist in the touring band (and since 2013 the touring bass player). After relocating to the US he also formed Mark Crozer and The Rels and now lives in New York. In 2012, WWE bought rights Broken Out In Love and began using it as a theme song for Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family to enter the ring to (under the name Live In Fear). The song appeared on the self-titled Mark Crozer and The Rels released in the same year. I’ve had a good listen to the rest of the album and it’s really great, but Broken Out In Love remains my favourite. Thanks WWE for introducing me to such a simple but brilliant track! It’s also a very cool song to play yourself with a great bassline.

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You can find all the Shuffle Ace tracks – although I’m afraid not this one as it’s not available on Spotify – on a Spotify playlist here.

Shuffle Aces is a series of posts that highlights a song of the week that “shuffling” has brought forth. With all the streaming services it’s not just an iPod on shuffle mode that we use to discover new stuff, but the principle remains the same: hit play and wait to see what gems come forth.

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