Shuffle Aces: Alex Gopher The Child

One of my all time favourite film clips that features the song from Alex Gopher The Child. I haven’t thought about it for ages but driving to work this morning I saw a heavily pregnant woman leaving her house and climbing into an ambulance, no doubt bound for the maternity ward at the local hospital. It was a moment that brought memories of Alex Gopher The Child flooding back!

Gopher is a French DJ who began his career playing bass with a band called Orange – that most interestingly featured a couple of the guys who would go on to form Air.
He went on to make his name taking more of a Daft Punk like approach to his albums, with a blues and jazz feel woven into the dance beats. There’s also quite a pop feel to his work rather than being an electronica purist.
I haven’t listened to much from him other than his first album from 1998, You, My Baby & I as it features The Child. Apparently his 2007 self-titled release is well worth checking out too. But it’s The Child that reigns supreme for me, not only because I really like it in its own right, but because of the genius of the clip, created by a French graphics and animation studio called H5. This was one of their first clips, but that have also done work with Massive Attack (Special Cases), Goldfrapp (Twist) and Royksopp (Remind Me) amongst others. The Royskopp clip won MTV Europe’s award for best video of 2002 – which is so good I figured I might as well add it here. As one of the YouTube commenters says, it could be the most educational 4 minutes of your life!!


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