Original Song: The Judges’ Ruling

Month 66 of the original song a month project and a song that originally started out as a basic blues number, but with a couple of tweaks has changed form. It’s also a track that The Magnificent Compañero touch has been applied to, with not only some additional high-quality work from Will, but also featuring the guitar skills of Steve Brookes – his first appearance on a Cavan Project track. The full Compañero version has quite a bit of extra work and is laid out a little differently, so keep your eyes peeled for it to potentially appear on a forthcoming album!

© 2017 Chuck Smeeton

I’ve done some bad things
When all is said and done
Lost a lot of battles
And a few that I have won
I’ve fought my fights all hand-to-hand
In every pub where I’ve been banned
Didn’t always go as planned
Still I chose to take a stand

Who was I really fooling
All the anger I was fueling
Too often it was grueling
Now I’m living with the judges’ ruling

Know I should have listened
When I heard the warning sign
But for every word I have ignored
I know this life is mine
Despite the fact I am untrained
I have remained intact, unstained
My breaking point was strained
But I never have complained

In every confrontation
I won’t step back when it’s expected
Too late now to change
Even though I’m unprotected
I know that it was wrong
Should have tried to get along
Should have seen where I belong
But I never was that strong

Who was I really fooling
All the anger I was fueling
Too often it was grueling
Now I’m living with the judges’ ruling

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