Original Song: Blackwing Blues

In the past I’ve talked about the challenge of coming up with something new each month, but never has it been as much of a challenge as this month! I had a couple of sets of lyrics I’d been mucking around with but my focus over the past few weeks has been around building instruments, not playing them. The results for the original song this month aren’t great – but the streak is alive – with a twist!

When I built a cigar box guitar a couple of weeks ago it seemed like a good idea to try and incorporate it into this month’s song. Given what it is, a dirty blues seemed the obvious choice so I started playing around with some lyrics I’d written about a pencil. Yep. A pencil. Again, I’ve written before about the Blackwing pencil – the “greatest pencil ever made” – so that seemed like a good start. Still, nothing really worked. So I finally decided to make this my DIY song. Using the cigar box guitar I made and the bass I built, I then recorded a “kick” sound from a cajon I made and manipulated it a bit to get something that worked. Finally, I used a wooden harmonica mic that I modded a few years ago. So, that’s the theme – everything used in the song is something I’ve made from scratch or modded somewhat.

The result? Not great. This is the song I’m least happy with since I started this song-a-month thing almost two years ago. It’s muddier and messier than I had wanted. I even toyed with not putting it up (hell, I’ve already had a couple of months this year where I posted two songs) but that seemed a bit of a cop out. But enough with excuses – when I started this whole thing I knew that there would be times when the process wouldn’t be as good as I’d hoped. Hopefully this post will disappear off the front page quickly!!

Blackwing Blues
© 2013 Chuck Smeeton

An Eberhard Faber might be nice
But I can’t stand to pay the price
In 98 they stopped the run
And we had to wait to have more fun

Said they couldn’t fix the ferrule clip
The advocates gave them some lip
What would they do without that special lead
What would Jones and Steinbeck have said

[chorus] I bought a Blackwing 602
Oh baby, what can’t it do
Half the pressure at twice the speed
The only one I need
Give me my tools and I’m a happy man
Capture ideas like nothing else can
Take ’em away it’ll be big news
I’ll get the Blackwing blues

Palomino came to the plate
And not a moment to late
Close enough for my taste
The 602 would not go to waste

That cedar body is oh so sweet
A better pencil you’ll never meet
It feels so good in your hand
That Blackwing is mighty grand


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