Original Song: One More For The Road

special needs dating agencyA nice change this month as I have got my original song for the month completed with at least a few days to spare! That said, this was a very quick turnaround: wrote the lyrics on a Friday, came up with a musical idea on the Saturday and recorded it in about 45 minutes on the Sunday morning. It came from reading something with the “one more for the road” line in it, and that became the basis for the whole thing. I’d also heard an interesting song (Mean Streets) on a podcast (the excellent Sklar Brothers “Sklar County” podcast) by a band called Tennis. I really liked the feel of the intro part and that was yet more inspiration.

I went back to Garageband to record this one as I was intrigued about the new “automatic” drummer feature and wanted to give it a try. It’s a very cool feature and one that I look forward to exploring more when I finally upgrade to Logic Pro X. Nothing to special on the recording notes: Taylor T5 for the guitar, ’62 Reissue Fender Jazz bass, vocals through the TC Helicon Voice Live Play. It has been pointed out to me that the solo doesn’t really fit – and I tend to agree, but can’t really think of what to do instead!
Anyway, another track done – it’s actually the 13th track I’ve recorded this year so I’m ahead of one-a-month pace. I have toyed with skipping a month to have a creative break seeing as I’m ahead, but I’m not sure that really meets the criteria I set myself: one original song a month means every month. So I guess I’ll battle on! Since January 2012 I’ve posted 30 original songs – it’s been quite a journey!

One More For The Road
© 2013 Chuck Smeeton

One more for the road they cried
No more reasons left to hide
Too many dreams already died
The chance for glory long denied

Can’t sit still avoid the chance
To make a change to take a stance
Too many times I’ve seen that glance
To not take stock, move on, advance

One more for the road
One more breath to take
One more for the road
One more move to make

The clock is winding down
It’s time to leave this town
Not going to sink and drown
It’s time to take the crown

No one left to hear the call
No more punches in this brawl
Now’s the time to stand tall
Our backs against the wall


The rubber pressed against the road
No strength left to take the load
Pressure’s on but time has slowed
Do it now or just implode

Take a chance to take control
Who can fill the central role
Take back what the others stole
It’s time to bare your soul

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