51 Musicians with Strange and Unusual Hobbies

So you’ve made a bit of money as a musician and you’ve got a bit of time on your hands when you’re not touring/recording/writing etc. What to do? Well here are a bunch of musicians with strange and unusual hobbies – strange in that they aren’t necessarily the kinds of things you expect from those who rock. Can you imagine Prince and Damon Albarn having epic table tennis battles? Rod Stewart and Neil Young having a cuppa while discussing their latest model train acquisitions? Rivers Cuomo, Lily Allen and Kelly Deal comparing knitting patterns? Anything is possible with this lot!

1. Roger Daltrey: Trout Farmer.

2. Alex James (Blur): Cheesemaker

3. Gary Numan: Test Pilot

4. Rivers Cuomo: Knitter

5. Steve Vai: Bee Keeper

6. Jack White: Upholsterer and taxidermist

7. Lily Allen: Knitting and Embroidery

8. Dave Mustaine (Megadeth): Martial Arts

9. Charlie Watts: Car Collector

10. Brian May: Astrophysics

11. David Lovering (Pixies): Magician

12. Rod Stewart: Model Trains

13. Eric Clapton: Fly Fishing

14. Nick Zinner: Photographer

15. Phil Collins: Historian

16. Johnny Cash: Model Trains

17. Ben Gibbard: Long distance running

18. Brian Johnson (AC/DC): Racing/Collecting Cars

19. RZA (Wu Tang Klan): Chess

20. Cherie Currie (Runaways): Chainsaw Carving Artist

21. Alice Cooper: Golf

22. Big Boi: Dog Breeder

23. Frank Sinatra: Model Trains and Crossword Puzzles

24. Kelley Deal (The Breeders): Knitter

25. Lemmy: Nazi Memorabilia Collector

26. Robbie Williams: UFO Enthusiast

27. Kirk Hammett (Metallica): Surfing and Collecting Horror Movies

28. Maynard James Keenan (Tool): Winemaker

29. Ronnie Wood: Stamp Collector

30. Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead): Chicken Rearing

31. Prince: Table Tennis

32. Dexter Holland (The Offspring): Pilot and has his own brand of hot sauce

33. Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers): Chess

34. Slash: Collects Pinball Machines

35. Jim Martin (Faith No More): Champion Pumpkin Farmer

36. Bob Nastanovich (Pavement): Horse Racing

37. Dean Ween: Fishing

38. Taylor Swift: Makes Snowglobes

39. Neil Young: Model Trains

40. David Bowie: Chess

41. Grandmaster Flash: Collects Mugs (over 5000 in his collection)

42. Stephen Morris (Joy Division/New Order): Collects Surplus Military Vehicles

43. Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones): Metal Detecting

44. Bruce Dickinson: Fencing and a Pilot

45. Win Butler: Basketball

46. Miranda Lambert: Salt Shaker Collector

47. Henry Rollins: Weightlifting

48. Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls): Ultra-marathons

49. Terminator X (Pulic Enemy): Raises Ostriches

50. Damon Albarn (Blur): Table Tennis

51. Courtney Love: Doll Collector (Mattel’s Liddle Kiddles dolls)

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