Mixed Up…

Recently I’ve been really enjoying the weekly newsletter from Harmony Central – lots of stuff that interests me so it’s a great filter for content when I don’t have the time to wade through their site. A recent piece on mixing really hit home: the heading alone sums it up perfectly – If You Have a DAW, You Know How to Mix. Right? Well, only if buying a guitar makes you a guitar player . . .

Mixing is still a personal blind spot – I have picked up a few extremely simple tricks along the way, but it’s somewhat embarrassing how little I understand of the art. I’ve searched all over the place for information but it’s generally either so technical I can’t understand it, or way to basic. Where’s the middle ground? There must be more people like me.

I’ll continue my search and hopefully be able to find information pitched at the right level for the average home recording enthusiast to understand. Obviously I’ll share what I find – but please share any thoughts you have too.

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