DIY: Pedalboard Hack

I’ve always got some project on the go and this time it’s a pedalboard hack. I’ve been through a lot of pedalboards in my time – big ones, small ones, homemade and professional. Right now for the pedals I’m using the Pedaltrain Metro 20 is the perfect size, but my issue is that it’s flat and you can’t mount a power supply, or at least my Strymon Zuma one, underneath. And on top it just takes up too much space. I needed to get the board to sit at an angle.

The pedal supply just sits too high…

The answer is the following hack.

First but a couple of bolts, some nuts, and a couple of rubber door stops. Slide a door stop over the end of each bolt, and wind on a couple of nuts. After checking for height, I cut the bolts to the right length (always a good idea to have a nut on first as that helps clean up the thread after cutting when you screw it off)

Then drill a couple of holes on the bottom corners of the rear rail.

Next I glued a nut to the rail, over the hole. This took a bot of experimentation with glues but I ended up with JB Weld, which is certainly strong enough to do the job.

That’s basically it! By making the legs removable I can still fit the board in it’s bag, and then screwing the legs on to create an angle is a very quick job. Ta da!

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