The Elvis Costello Tenor Guitar

I recently discovered a clip on YouTube that has got me hook, line and sinker wanting to explore the world of tenor guitars – something I’m not sure I was even aware of until seeing this piece. Now… Read More

RockArt: Subway Symphony

I came across this the other day when a friend shared a link on Facebook about James Murphy’s passion to bring some music to the subways of New York City or, as he says, “making the city a… Read More

RockArt: Tractor Rhythm

Well here’s a weird one: tractor rhythm! In hunting around for various blues clips on YouTube I came across some videos featuring some nice playing but using old tractors as the rhythm source. Yep, these guys simply drive… Read More

Summer Surf: The Alaia and Paipo Solution

A few years ago I started looking at alternative surf craft, especially for smaller days. As a kneeboarder things get tough when the waves are fat and small – which is a lot of the time over summer… Read More

RockArt: Cajon Genius

Not sure quite how to categorise this story but I’m listing it as a RockArt piece simply because there is absolute artistry in what these guys are doing! I came across these clips on YouTube when I was… Read More


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