Original Song: Tell Me

Month 75 of original song a month exploits! It’s been a challenging month on the music side of things as we start preparing for the first Magnificent Compañeros gig. Spending time relearning the old songs doesn’t leave a… Read More

Trip Around The Sun Video!

It’s one thing to be able to listen to songs, it’s another to have a video alongside them! Here’s the clip that Will has prepared as the Trip Around The Sun video. Finally The Magnificent Compañeros are on… Read More

Original Song: All Wrong

Month 74 of the song-a-month project has landed, and All Wrong is something I really like. That said, it’s a fair way off the kind of sound I was hoping for, which is mostly a reflection of my… Read More

Original Song: A Bit Loopy

And so we begin the seventh year of song-a-month exploits! Month 73 is a little different but I figure I’ve earned the right to bend the rules a little! This month there have actually been two full-blown songs… Read More

Original Song: You Can’t Pretend

Month 72 of the original song a month project – six good years since it started out as a simple new year’s resolution. Bits of You Can’t Pretend have floated around for the past 18 months but it… Read More


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