Original Song: The Conductor

THE CONDUCTOR © 2012 Chuck Smeeton Out beyond the lineup At a cold and lonely beach The conductor calls the chosen Who fall within his reach

Original Song: The Chosen Few

THE CHOSEN FEW © 2012 Chuck Smeeton It seems to me that reality Is just another trick you see That’s played upon the chosen few Who blindly follow what is new

Original Song: Moving

MOVING © 2012 Chuck Smeeton From the balcony we stood and watched The waves that crashed upon the shore Finishing their journey Their energy no more I shed a tear of disbelief That this moment couldn’t last What’s… Read More

Original Song: Monday Rain Dub

Original Song: Stories From A River

STORIES FROM A RIVER © 2012 Chuck Smeeton Slicing through the water In the misty morning light Gliding past the shoreline Floating but in flight The currents keep on flowing In a different scale of time [chorus] Stories… Read More


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