Original Song: Needle In A Groove

NEEDLE IN A GROOVE © 2012 Chuck Smeeton Must be the lack of sleep‚ That makes me want to dream‚ The confines of this single room‚ I need to swim against the stream To spread my wings, time… Read More

Original Song: Three Chords

THREE CHORDS © 2012 Chuck Smeeton It’s been 30 years since we last met So much to remember, not much to forget Beneath the facade we are the same New wave overtones to our punk refrain

Original Song: Waiting

WAITING © 2012 Chuck Smeeton Been overcast for one week straight Going to bed early and getting up late And none of the fish are taking the bait

Original Song: The Room

THE ROOM © 2012 Chuck Smeeton The door was left ajar Embers lying on the hearth The window slightly open Leaves scattered on the path

Original Song: Questions

QUESTIONS © 2012 Chuck Smeeton See right through corridors that lead to empty places See people racing through the barricades and races See structures standing tall where open space belongs See through all those lies, see rights instead… Read More


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