Original Song: Another Day

December’s song in my 2012 song-a-month project! Back when I made it my goal to do at least one original song from scratch each month I was intrigued as to how it would play out. There were a… Read More

Original Song: Moonlit Road

I first started playing around with this original song idea a few years ago – the classic sea-change story of running away from the city to go and live in a house at the end of a dirt… Read More

Original Song: Clean Up

Time for November’s song. This one is different in a couple of ways. For starters my lyrics are often  a bit dark (simple because lyrically it’s generally more fun to play with dark concepts) but this time I… Read More

Original Song: Senses

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as my “song-a-month” project has rolled on is coming up with new lyrical ideas. When a theme is hard to come by I sometimes play around with rhyming patterns (in this… Read More

Original Song: Sand Beneath His Feet

I wrote the lyrics for this song one morning down at Narrabeen Lakes. While the girls were out kayaking I noticed a bloke sitting on a bench starting out across the water. I started thinking about what he… Read More


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