Original Song: Burning Creek

Not sure if this should really qualify as the original song for April as it’s something I wrote with a great friend of mine, Sam Barclay, a couple of years ago, but until I come up with something… Read More

Original Song: Different By Design

It feels like forever since the last monthly song – I guess that’s the curse of getting the previous one’s take out early in the month. Anyway, here it is: Different By Design is the original song for… Read More

Original Song: The Bench

February’s original song in 2013 song-a-month series is called The Bench. I was wondering what to write about, saw a park bench, and bingo! I’m reasonably happy with it, but if ever there’s a song I’m looking forward… Read More

Original Song: Summer Days

Well, here it is – the first original song of 2013. Summer Days was very quickly penned during the heat wave in Sydney this month, although I do have to admit that a couple of lines in this… Read More

Original Song: Another Day

December’s song in my 2012 song-a-month project! Back when I made it my goal to do at least one original song from scratch each month I was intrigued as to how it would play out. There were a… Read More


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