Original Song: Flying

As I did last month, I’m loading up this month’s original song – Flying – in a very raw state, mainly because I think there some real potential for a remixed/reworked version to take it to a new… Read More

Original Song: A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska (Cliff Cavan Goes Postal Remix)

One of the biggest drivers behind the creation of an original song each month is to create something that the other people I play with would take and evolve into something else. We’ve played around with a few… Read More

Original Song: A Lot Of Ways To Die In Alaska

I recently read a great story on the ESPN-owned sports/culture site Grantland about the Iditarod dog race by Brian Phillips. So many lines in the article grabbed me that I started playing around with some lyrics based on… Read More

Original Song: Tired

At last, a proper original song for April! This one really did start from scratch earlier this month off the back of a few nights where I just couldn’t sleep. This is about the fourth incarnation of the… Read More

Original Song: Lords Of Flatbush

I’m pushing my luck so far this month as Lords Of Flatbush isn’t actually a fresh original song – it’s been around for a few years – but I have recorded it properly over the past few days…. Read More


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