23 Songs About October

My list of songs with September in the title was very popular, so it only made sense to check out songs about October! It’s certainly a very different kind of month: only a handful of these songs are… Read More

27 Songs About Dogs

Here’s a quick one off the back of the “Songs About Cats” list from a couple of months back. What can I say? 27 songs about dogs, influenced by dogs, inspired by dogs. I know there are heaps… Read More

25 Musicians Who Are Golfers – And That May Surprise You

Off the back of my Musicians Who Surf list a while back, I’ve been thinking about other activities that might not be such a natural fit. Everyone knows about Alice Cooper’s passion for golf, but I wondered if… Read More

12 Rocking TV Themes

A few years ago The Hellbenders toyed with the idea of creating a setlist of TV themes to play – inspired in a big way by the fact my kids were huge fans of Phineas and Ferb and… Read More

9 Great Busking Videos

Sometimes a good busker is one that is just a really good musician, but the ones that grab you are the ones that are approaching things in a different way. Maybe an usual instrument, maybe just a different… Read More


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