38 Songs About December

My new series of lists of songs with months in the title is proving popular – so it’s time for songs about December. It’s a really good batch this month with lots of thought provoking tracks. I guess… Read More

30 Songs About November

My lists of songs with September and October in the title have been very popular, so let’s crack on into songs about November. There are a few classics in here – probably none more so than November Rain… Read More

20 Sounds Of The Most Expensive Guitar Effects

I’ve been getting interested in some classic effects recently as I start building a few kits. Some of the early classics that are now some of the most expensive guitar effects are well known, but I realised that… Read More

23 Songs About October

My list of songs with September in the title was very popular, so it only made sense to check out songs about October! It’s certainly a very different kind of month: only a handful of these songs are… Read More

27 Songs About Dogs

Here’s a quick one off the back of the “Songs About Cats” list from a couple of months back. What can I say? 27 songs about dogs, influenced by dogs, inspired by dogs. I know there are heaps… Read More


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