Review: Fender Koa Nohea Ukulele

A ukulele is increasingly becoming a must-own item in a musical quiver, but making sure you get a decent one is very important. The Fender Koa Nohea ukulele is a well built, good looking and great sounding uke… Read More

Making A Single Coil Pickup

It’s probably a bit premature to put this up, but I’m so excited that it “looks” like a pickup that I’m posting this before I know whether it actually “works” like a pickup! This is the first time… Read More

Making A Cigar Box Guitar

Well we did it! Over the past day and a half Max and I made a pair of cigar box guitars. After my blog posts on Paul McCartney’s one, let alone the Mike Snowden Shuffle Ace from a… Read More

Review: sE Electronics X1 Bundle

It’s often said that microphones are the most important part of your signal chain, so it’s about time that I made the effort to upgrade in this area. Of course there are also a heap of options you… Read More

Review: Phil Jones Bass Buddy

The Phil Jones Bass Buddy is one of those boutique bits of gear that you probably don’t realize how useful it is until you have it, and at about $350 (or more depending on where you get it)… Read More


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