Elvis Costello Inspired Jazzmaster Project (Kit Guitar)

7/7/17 Time to get back in the saddle and build another guitar! The kit guitar is due on Monday from Pitbull Guitars (a JZA-1) and I’m really excited to get cracking on this one. Probably the biggest change… Read More

The Surfcaster Project

Okay, time to start the next build diary seeing as I’ve finally finished my “Bass IV”. The ST-1M kit (a standard maple-necked Stratocaster shape) arrived Pitbull Guitars about a month ago but as usual there will be a… Read More

Compañero Bass IV Project

Okay, on to the next build! I received a Pitbull Guitars JB-4 kit from the family for my birthday as I’ve been working on a plan based around it for a couple of months. Once the kit arrived… Read More

Cool Stuff: Free-Way Ultra Switch

I’m in guitar building mode at the moment, having just finished my Telemaster, and currently working on a couple of other projects! Along the way I’ve been checking out several guitar builder’s sites. One post in particular caught… Read More

“Telemaster” Kit Build

While I’ve made instruments from scratch before, and also assembled guitars from parts, I’ve never built a kit from scratch… until now. I found out about PitBull Guitars from a friend and checked out both their kits and… Read More


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