Peterson StroboClip Review

Regardless of what you play, playing in tune is, um, important. Most of us have a few tuning devices – on a phones, in pedal form and in desktop versions – but the Peterson StroboClip is my chosen… Read More

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play Review

Stepping away from stringed instruments, let’s take a look at my latest toy: a TC Helicon VoiceLive Play. Vocal processing is a dangerous area to enter as you can end up losing the human touch, but the VoiceLive… Read More

Paul McCartney Cigar Box Guitar Revisted

A while back I ran a story on the Paul McCartney cigar box guitar used with the remaining Nirvana guys at 12-12-12 (you can find it here). Like many, it sparked my interest in building my own, and… Read More

Paul McCartney Cigar Box Guitar

No question the 121212 concert yesterday was a pretty impressive show, but it was the McCartney/Nirvana song Cut Me Some Slack that really interested me – not the song itself, but more the cigar box guitar McCartney played…. Read More

Review: Arturia Experience “The Factory” Hybrid Synth

For a long time, keyboards were a blind spot for me. I’d played a bit of piano as a kid, but over the years as I became more comfortable with a stringed-instrument fret board, my understanding of and… Read More


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