Cool Stuff: Free-Way Ultra Switch

I’m in guitar building mode at the moment, having just finished my Telemaster, and currently working on a couple of other projects! Along the way I’ve been checking out several guitar builder’s sites. One post in particular caught… Read More

Convert A Tom

The latest project from The Cavan Project workshop has been around getting a kick drum to use in a three-piece blues band. But this isn’t your standard three-piece – we’ve got cigar box guitar, cigar box bass and… Read More

Three-string Custom Box Guitar

Well, the building phase is pretty much complete – I’ve built three instruments over the course of the past month so it’s time to take a look at how it all worked out. The first one is a… Read More

Four-string Custom Box Guitar

After I’d started down the cigar box guitar-building path a couple of mates and I were talking about how cool it would be to create a swampy back porch blues set.  And given one of them was approaching… Read More

4 Great Instruments For Kids

I recently wrote a piece for the most excellent parenting website Bondville about some ways to introduce the concepts of rhythm and beat to young kids – you can find it here. Why? When it comes to kids… Read More


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