Bassic Designs 003 Bass

This is the next cab off the rank. The body is based on a Rick 4003 but with modified curves (the “hips” of the 4003 have always bothered me!). Body is rock maple but it has been chambered… Read More

Original Song: The Chosen Few

THE CHOSEN FEW © 2012 Chuck Smeeton It seems to me that reality Is just another trick you see That’s played upon the chosen few Who blindly follow what is new

Original Song: Moving

MOVING © 2012 Chuck Smeeton From the balcony we stood and watched The waves that crashed upon the shore Finishing their journey Their energy no more I shed a tear of disbelief That this moment couldn’t last What’s… Read More

Surf n’ Steel Lap Steel

Still not 100% finished – need to sort out a “fretboard” and get it correctly wired up… I’m happy with the look (designed to look like an old mal) and the way I routed under the “nose” to… Read More

Acoustic Image/Phil Jones Practise Rig

Just found this old pic of a practise rig I used to use. The Acoustic Image Focus SA is still the primary power unit for any amp setup I have, and the Contra EX extension cab is wonderful… Read More


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