Bassic Designs 001 Bass

Built in mid 2010, this bass took about 7-8 weeks to come together… The bass features a book-matched walnut cap on a maple body. The neck is rock maple (with a walnut stain) and an ebony fretboard. The build was relatively straightforward although I did have to make the neck twice as a screwed up the routing for the truss road first time around. Hardware includes a black hipshot A-style bridge and ultralite tuners, and the pickup is a Bartolini jazz model with a hand carved walnut cover. The nut was made from an old kangaroo bone I had saved from a roo that died on a farm I used to own many years ago. I finished it with Tru-oil. Overall it probably cost around $550 or so to build, but that includes several tools that I bought from StewMac. Next time will be much cheaper!  The good news is that it sounds better than I’d hoped – especially with the tone rolled right back.

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