23 Songs About October

songs about octoberMy list of songs with September in the title was very popular, so it only made sense to check out songs about October! It’s certainly a very different kind of month: only a handful of these songs are well known such as the classics from U2, Amy Winehouse and Screaming Jets (well, at least to Australian readers!), but as I went digging I found a lot of really great tracks – and the vast majority are from artists I wasn’t fully familiar with. It does seem that it’s a month that inspires quite a lot of reflective tracks – which I guess makes sense from a northern hemisphere perspective as they are heading into winter. See what you think – it’s well worth listening to a bunch of these – and it there are others that I’ve missed please don’t hesitate to let me know!

1. October, U2

2. October Song, Amy Winehouse

3. October The Twelfth, Roy Harper

4. When October Goes, Barry Manilow

5. October, Icarus

6. One October Song, Nico Stai

7. October, Broken Bells

8. October Grey, The Screaming Jets

9. October, Ben Klock

10. October Rain, 10cm

11. October Snow, Jeremy Zucker

12. October, Jonas Alaska

13. October Trees, Ron Pope

14. October, Jon D

15. October Road, James Taylor

16. October, The Helio Sequence

17. Before October’s Gone, Cimorelli

18. Cold October, Escondido

19. Last October, Superheaven

20. October Sun, Matt Berry

21. October Nights, Yellowcard

22. October 27th, Break Even

23. Red October, Audiomachine


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  2. October Song by Incredible String band (not for everyone’s taste for sure)

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