14 Official World Cup Songs

Since 1962, FIFA has had official songs accompany each of the World Cups. Now as you can imagine – and no doubt remember – some of them are pretty dodgy, but there have been a few good ones. If nothing else they provide the artist who performs them an amazing global audience to promote their wares. Generally official World Cup songs are recorded in a few languages – English, the host nation language, and any other deemed to be good marketing! What do you think of this lot and is there a favourite for you?

1. 2014 Brazil: “We Are One (Ole Ola)” – Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte
Not bad, but I was expecting a bit more from Brazil…

2. 2010 South Africa: “Waka Waka” – Shakira featuring Freshlyground
This is a beauty – catchy and upbeat. It sounds like Africa and football!

3. 2006 Germany: “Zeit Dass Sich Was Dreht (Celebrate The Day)” – Herbert
Grönemeyer featuring Amadou & Mariam
Okay, but pretty derivative of Ricky Martin’s work – and he would probably have done a better job with it.

4. 2002 South Korea/Japan: “Boom” – Anastacia
Skip forward 90 seconds to the song – better to watch than listen to, and not very “football” to me.

5. 1998 France: “La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life)” – Ricky Martin
Pick of the bunch I reckon – this sounds like football.

6. 1994 USA: “Gloryland” – Daryl Hall and Sounds of Blackness
This one sounds very, very American and isn’t too bad – but I think upping the tempo might have helped.

7. 1990 Italy: “Un’estate italiana (To Be Number One)” – Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini
The big synth opening is a good start but not sure they couldn’t have done better.

8. 1986 Mexico: “Hot Hot Hot” – Arrow
Now we’re talking! Great funk bass, catchy lyrics – this is much better.

9. 1982 Spain: “Mundial ’82” – Plácido Domingo
Not quite what I expected, but not too bad.

10. 1978 Argentina: “Anthem” – Buenos Aires Municipal Symphony
The fact it was written by Ennio Morricone is good, but it doesn’t really sound like a World Cup song…

11. 1974 Germany: “Futbol” – Maryla Rodowicz
Another one that doesn’t sound quite right. Catchy chorus though!

12. 1970 Mexico: “Fútbol México 70” – Los Hermanos Zavala
A little too laid back maybe?

13. 1966 England: “World Cup Willie (Where in this World are We Going)” – Lonnie Donegan
Really? Surely there was something better than this…

14. 1962 Chile: “El Rock del Mundial” – Los Ramblers
Elvis goes to the World Cup!!! This is excellent.

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