12 Sports Teams Singing

date bff bizzWhen it comes to sports teams singing songs, there’s one thing for sure: they are better at their sport than they are at singing. That doesn’t stop these clips being great fun to watch. Sadly there are a few that aren’t available online and if ever there was a list that needed some input from others, this is it. So please let me know in the comments section of any other good ones you are aware of – especially if there’s a video of the team performing the song to support it!

1. Chicago Bears
, Super Bowl Shuffle (1985)
The one that everyone holds up as a true classic – only the Bears of that year could have pulled this off.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers, Baseball Boogie (1986)
So bad it’s good! Ah, the ‘80s…

3. Calgary Flames, Red Hot (1987)
You can’t be lousy li-syncing and bad haircuts!

4. England World Cup Squad, This Time (1982)
A good hearty singalong – as you might expect.

5. Philadelphia Eagles, Buddy’s Watchin You (1988)
Best bit? A kicker trying to rap at the 1:02 mark!

6. New York Knicks, Go New York Go (1993)
Okay, it’s only the backing vocals they sing, but it’s not a bad song!

7. NSW Waratahs Rugby Union, Waratahs Team Song (2008)
Very heavily produced to make everyone sound okay, and it does indeed sound okay.

8. U.S. World Cup Soccer Team, Victory (1990)
Together with Def Jef and DJ Eric Vaughn the team tried their best…

9. Los Angeles Raiders, Silver and Black Attack (1986)
Another classic NFL rap with some high comedy moments.

10. Florida State Football Team, The Seminole Rap (1988)
Their trash talking video didn’t work – they were smashed by their min rival – University of Miami – soon after this.

11. New York Mets, Get Metsmerized (1986)
Sadly no action footage, but what was it about 1986? Everyone was copying the Bears from the previous year.

12. Italian Soccer Team, Azzurro (2004)
Team Italy singing the song Azzuro by Adriano Celentano for the Euro 2004 – but it sounds very Russian to me.

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