Top 12 Songs About Cycling

When it comes to songs about cycling, there are two distinct categories: the bleeding obvious (like Queen’s Bicycle Race) and the more subtle (who knew Judas Priest’s Freewheel Burning was a bike song, despite the obvious title?). What is perhaps interesting is that many of these songs were written because the artists were keen cyclists themselves. As always it’d be great if anyone has any other songs about cycling that you’d like to share please do so in the comments.

1. The MixturesThe Pushbike Song (1970)
Not much to say as it’s pretty obvious! Covered by Mungo Jerry a few years ago, but The Mixtures version really stomps.

2. Luka BloomThe Ride (2012)
Christy Moore’s Irish folk/rock singer brother, Luka Bloom, is a cycling fanatic – with a song to prove it.

3. QueenBicycle Race (1978)
Apparently inspired by a stage of the Tour de France, this is a cracking cycling tribute – with a pretty cool, if controversial, film clip with a bunch of naked chicks!

4. KraftwerkTour de France (1984)
These guys loved cycling, although apparently drummer Wolfgang Flür left when he got sick of “racing bike tyres lying around in the studio and gear shifting devices from different companies, as well as black sticky and stinky racing clothes. I didn’t like it,”

5. MadnessRiding On My Bike (1982)
The B-side from ‘I Like Driving In My Car’, this is a tale of Lee Thompson pedaling for charity.

6. Beach BoysIt’s A Beautiful Day (1979)
The LA freeways jammed with bicycles instead of cars? Hmm, not so sure about that!

7. Mark RonsonThe Bike Song (2010)
The video is pretty good, and the song not bad either

8. Judas PriestFreewheel Burning (1984)
These guys loved cycling and the song was after a descent of the legendary French mountain, the Galibier.

9. The DecemberistsThe Apology Song (2003)
Not a song about riding, but a song about a bike that got stolen – a nice twist.

10. Pink FloydBike (1967)
A bit strange – but hey, this is psychedelic-era Floyd!

11. John CaleBicycle (2003)
A bike bell does play big part in this experimental soundscape track.

12. Red Hot Chili PeppersBicycle Song (2002)
A cool bonus track from By The Way – a nice non-European ode to the bike – it truly is a great invention.






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