101 Effect Pedal Clones

List of effect clonesWell, more like over 200 so far, and hopefully we’ll find more to add to the list of effect pedal clones. I started looking into this after doing some makeovers to a couple of Joyo pedals I had. The ones I’ve included here are those that are readily available off eBay. There will also be some that are no longer in production, but you’ll often see them in second-hand stores as a bargain pickup! I should also add that the guys at Spartan Music in the UK did a great job as a starting point for my list. I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch so please don’t hesitate to leave comments.

Now I should add a bit the term “clone”. Some of these pedals really are true clones – a direct copy. But for some it’s more that the manufacturer was intending to replicate the original design in a general sense. There are threads in forums all over the web about how closely a pedal performs in relation to the original. I’d suggest using this database as a starting point for your own research before you buy. Remember too that there are a bunch of factors (guitar, amp, playing style, other effects etc) that will determine the sound you get from a pedal.  In some cases a “clone” may deliver what you want better than the original. Lots of caveats I know, but just wanted to get it out there.

I’m particularly a fan of basic analogue effect pedal clones – simple circuits that for the most part are well known. In the end, it comes down to the quality of components and the quality of the build. That’s where I’d again recommend doing some google/forum research before you purchase. Then again, at the price some of these are at it’s not the most expensive mistake you’ll make. Remember too that they are rarely if ever exactly the same as the original – they are “based” on the original. In some cases you may even prefer what they’ve done.

Of course, there will always be some debate about whether one should support the effect pedal clones manufacturers. I’ll leave that for your own choice, but my pedalboards contain more boutique pedals than clones, and sometimes it’s a cheap clone that has led me to eventually purchase “the real thing”. In fact, I’ve often wondered why some of the boutique companies don’t release their own clones. Using the very factories in China that are making the ones they see as competitors, they could have their own. A bit like the Squier/Fender situation.

Oh, and at the other end of the scale, you might find this interesting: a list of 20 of the most expensive effects and the sounds they make!

Anyway, here’s the list – you can sort the list by either the original or the clone too. I hope it proves useful in your search for new effects to try!


14/12/17: I’ve just started adding the TC Electronic’s line of cheaper pedals. From what I can establish, these are based on the Behringer pedals that are clones of the Boss pedals! Yep, cloning clones – but it does make sense given Behringer own TC Electronic. I’m still missing a few of them but will add them when I find out – or when someone tells me in the comments below!


Biyang AD-10 DelayBoss DM-3 Analogue Delay
Biyang BL-8 BlueBoss BD-2 Blues Driver
Biyang CH-10 ChorusBoss CE-2 Chorus
Biyang CO-10MXR Dyna Comp
Biyang DS-8 MousePro Co RAT
Biyang EQ-7Boss EQ-7
Biyang FZ-10 Fuzz StarElectro-Harmonix Big Muff
Biyang OD-10 Mad Driver Ibanez Tube Screamer
Biyang OD-8 X DriveIbanez Tube Screamer
Biyang PH-10 PhaserMXR Phase 90
Caline Blue OceanMad Professor Deep Blue
Caline Pure Sky OverdriveTimmy
Caline CP-43 PegasusKlon Centaur
Caline Crazy CactiFulltone Fulldrive 2
Caline EnglishmanCarl Martin Plexitone
Caline Hot MushroomMXR Dyna Comp
Caline Orange BurstXotic BB Preamp
Caline RockfaceWampler Plexidrive
Caline Sand StormMI Audio Crunch Box
Caline White HeatDOD Overdrive Preamp 250
Daphon E20CHBoss CE-2 Chorus
Daphon E20DLBoss DM-3 Analogue Delay
Daphon E20DSBoss DS-1 Distortion
Daphon E20FLBoss BF-2 Flanger
Daphon E20GEBoss EQ-7
Donner Blues DriveIbanez TS-9
Donner Boost KillerXotic RC Booster
Donner Giant MetalElectro-Harmonix Metal Muff
Donner Jet ConvolutionElectro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
Donner MorpherSuhr Riot
Donner Pearl TremorMXR Phase 90
Donner Stylish FuzzElectro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi
Donner Tutti LoveBoss CE-2 Chorus
ENO AD6 DelayBoss DM-3 Analogue Delay
ENO AE-1 Ambient EchoBoss DM-2 Delay
ENO BF-2 FlangerBoss BF-2 Flanger
ENO BMFElectro-Harmonix Big Muff
ENO CH-2Boss CH-1 Chorus
ENO Classic DS-1MI Audio Crunch Box
ENO ES9Ibanez Tube Screamer
ENO Metalistik DM-3Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff
ENO Myomorpha DR-1SPro Co RAT
ENO OCT-1 OctaverBoss OC-2 Octave
ENO OD-9Ibanez TS-9
ENO TrinityBoss DS-1 Distortion
ENO Trouble DSO-2Fulltone OCD
Joyo JDI-01 DI BoxH&K Red Box Classic
Joyo JF-01 Vintage OverdriveIbanez TS-808
Joyo JF-02 Ultimate OverdriveFulltone OCD
Joyo JF-03 Crunch DistortionMI Audio Crunch Box
Joyo JF-04 High Gain DistortionMarshall Shredmaster
Joyo JF-05 Classic ChorusIbanez CS-9
Joyo JF-06 Vintage PhaseMXR Phase 90
Joyo JF-07 Classic FlangerIbanez FL-9 Flanger
Joyo JF-08 DelayBoss DD-2 Delay
Joyo JF-09 TremoloDiaz Tremodillo
Joyo JF-10 Dynamic CompressorMXR Dyna Comp
Joyo JF-11 6 Band EQMXR 6 Band EQ
Joyo JF-12 Voodoo OctaveFulltone Ultimate Octave
Joyo JF-13 AC ToneTech 21 SansAmp Character Liverpool
Joyo JF-14 American SoundTech 21 SansAmp Character Blonde
Joyo JF-15 California SoundTech 21 SansAmp Character California
Joyo JF-16 British SoundTech 21 SansAmp Character British
Joyo JF-17 Extreme MetalElectro-Harmonix Metal Muff
Joyo JF-30 A/B SwitchFender Micro ABY
Joyo JF-32 Hot Plexi DriveCarl Martin Plexitone
Joyo JF-34 US DreamSuhr Riot
Joyo JF-35 Pocket MetalElectro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff
Joyo JF-36 Sweet BabyMad Professor Sweet Honey
Joyo JF-37 Analog ChorusBoss CE-2 Chorus
Joyo JF-38 Roll BoostXotic RC Booster
Little Bear BS1 FuzzZvex Woolly Mammoth
Little Bear RA.TTACK RT-2Pro Co RAT
Moen Fuzz MooElectro-Harmonix Rams Head
Moen Shaky JimiDunlop Uni-Vibe
Mooer 90MXR Phase 90
Mooer ABYElectro-Harmonix Switchblade
Mooer AcoustikarBoss AC-2
Mooer AnaEchoBoss DM-2 Analogue Delay
Mooer Black SecretPro Co RAT
Mooer BladeElectro-Harmonix Metal Muff
Mooer Blue CompBoss CS-2 Compressor
Mooer Blue FazeJim Dunlop Fuzz Face
Mooer Blues CrabMarshall Blues Breaker
Mooer Blues MoodBoss BD-2 Blues Driver
Mooer CruncherMI Audio Crunch Box
Mooer EcholizerMaxon AD999
Mooer ElecladyElectro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
Mooer Ensemble KingBoss CE-2 Chorus
Mooer Flex BoostXotic AC Booster
Mooer Funky MonkeyBoss AW-2
Mooer Green MileIbanez Tube Screamer
Mooer Grey FazeArbiter Fuzz Face
Mooer Hustle DriveFulltone OCD
Mooer Ninety OrangeMXR Phase 90
Mooer Pitch BoxBoss PS-5
Mooer Pure BoostXotic RC Booster
Mooer Pure OctaveBoss OC-3 Octave
Mooer ReEchoBoss DD-2 Delay
Mooer SoloSuhr Riot
Mooer SweeperElectro-Harmonix Bassballs
Mooer TrelicopterDemeter Tremulator
Mooer Triangle BuffElectro-Harmonix Triangle Muff
Mooer Ultra DriveBoss DS-1 Distortion
Behringer AB100 Guitar/Amp SelectorNobels AB1 Active A/B Selector Pedal
Behringer ADI21 V-Tone Acoustic DriverTech21 Sansamp Acoustic D.I.
Behringer AM100/AM300 Acoustic ModellerBoss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator
Behringer AM400 Ultra Acoustic ModellerBoss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
Behringer BCH100/BUC400 Ultra Bass ChorusBoss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
Behringer BDI21 V-Tone Bass DriverTech21 Sansamp Bass D.I.
Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic EqualizerBoss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer
Behringer BLE100/BLE400 Bass Limiter EnhancerBoss LMB-3 Bass Limiter Enhancer
Behringer BO100/BO300 Blues OverdriveBoss BD-2 Blues Driver
Behringer BOD100/BOD400 Bass OverdriveBoss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
Behringer BSY600 Bass SynthesizerBoss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
Behringer BUF300 Ultra Bass FlangerBoss BF-2B Bass Flanger
Behringer CC300 Chorus Space-CBoss DC-2 Dimension Chorus
Behringer CD400 Chorus Space-DBoss DC-3 Digital Dimension
Behringer CL9 Compressor/LimiterIbanez CP 9 Compressor/Limiter
Behringer CO600 Chorus OrchestraBoss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Behringer CS100/CS400 Compressor SustainerBoss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Behringer DC9 Dynamic CompressorMXR M-102 MXR dyna comp
Behringer DD100/DD400 Digital DelayBoss DD-3 Digital Delay
Behringer DD600 Digital DelayBoss DD-5 Digital Delay
Behringer DM100 Distortion ModellerBoss DS-1 Distortion
Behringer DR100/DR600 Digital ReverbBoss RV-5 Digital Reverb
Behringer DR400 Digital Reverb/DelayBoss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay
Behringer DW400 Dynamic Wah/Human VoiceBoss AW-3 Dynamic Wah
Behringer EM600 Echo MachineLINE 6 Echo Park
Behringer EQ700 Guitar Graphic Equalizer
Boss GE-7 Guitar Equalizer
Behringer FD300 Ultra Feedback/DistortionBoss DF-2 SUPER Feedbacker & Distortion
Behringer FL600 Flanger MachineLINE 6 Liqua-Flange
Behringer FM600 Filter MachineLINE 6 Otto Filter
Behringer GDI21 V-Tone Guitar DriverTech21 GT2 Sansamp
Behringer HB01 HellbabeJim Dunlop Crybaby From Hell
Behringer HD300 Heavy DistortionBoss MD-2 Mega Distortion
Behringer HF300 Hi Band FlangerBoss HF-2 Hi Band Flanger
Behringer HM300 Heavy MetalBoss HM-2 Heavy Metal
Behringer IG9 IntelligateMXR M-135 Smart Gate
Behringer NR100/NR300 Noise ReducerBoss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Behringer OD100/OD300 Overdrive DistortionBoss OS-2 OverDrive/Distortion
Behringer OD400 OverdriveBoss OD-3 OverDrive
Behringer PB100 Preamp BoosterNobels PRE1 Preamp Booster Pedal
Behringer PH9 PhaserMXR EVH Phase 90
Behringer PO300 Power OverdriveBoss PW-2 Power Driver
Behringer RM600 Rotary MachineLINE 6 Roto Machine
Behringer RV600 Reverb MachineLINE 6 Verbzilla
Behringer SE200 Spectrum EnhancerBoss SP-1 Spectrum
Behringer SF300 Super FuzzBoss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz
Behringer SF400 Super FlangerBoss BF-3 Flanger
Behringer SM200 Slow Motion
Boss SG-1 Slow Gear
Behringer SM400 Super MetalBoss HM-3 HYPER Metal
Behringer SO400 Super OctaverBoss OC-3 Super Octave
Behringer SP400 Super Phase ShifterBoss PH-3 Phase Shifter
Behringer TM300 Tube Amp ModelerTech21 GT2 Sansamp
Behringer TO100 Tube Overdrive
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube OverdriveIbanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer
Behringer TP300 Ultra Tremolo/PanBoss PN-2 Tremolo/Pan
Behringer TU100/TU300 Chromatic TunerBoss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Behringer UC100/UC200 Ultra Chorus
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Behringer UD100 / UD300 Ultra DistortionBoss DS-2 Turbo Distortion
Behringer UF100/UF300 Ultra FlangerBoss BF-2 Flanger
Behringer UM100/UM300 Ultra MetalBoss MT-2 Metal Zone
Behringer UO100/UO300 Ultra OctaverBoss OC-2 Octave
Behringer UP100/UP300 Ultra Phase Shifter Boss PH-2 Super Phaser
Behringer US600 Ultra Shifter/HarmonistBoss PS-5 Super Shifter
Behringer UT100 / UT300 Ultra TremoloBoss TR-2 Tremolo
Behringer UV300 Ultra VibratoBoss VB-2 Vibrato
Behringer UW300 Ultra WahBoss AW-2 Auto Wah
Behringer UZ400 Ultra FuzzBoss FZ-3 Fuzz
Behringer VB1 Vintage BassElectro-Harmonix Bassballs
Behringer VD1 Vintage DistortionElectro-Harmonix Big Muff
Behringer VD400 Vintage DelayBoss DM-3 Delay
Behringer VM1 Vintage Time MachineElectro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
Behringer VP1 Vintage PhaserElectro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter
Behringer VT911 Vintage Tube Overdrive
Chandler/B.K. Butler 910/911 Tube Driver
Behringer VT999 Vintage Tube MonsterIbanez TK999 Tube King
Behringer WD300 Warp DistortionHughes & Kettner Warp Factor Distortion
Behringer XD300 Distortion-XBoss XT-2 Xtortion
Danelectro Cool Cat TremDemeter Tremulator
Danelectro Transparent OD v.1Timmy
Danelectro Daddy-O OverdriveMarshall Guv'nor
Danelectro Cool Cat Drive v.1Fulltone OCD
Danelectro Fish n ChipsBoss GE-7
Danelectro French Toast Octave FuzzFoxx Tone Machine
Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz v.1Frantone Peachfuzz
Danelectro FAB 1 DistortionBoss DS-1
Danelectro FAB 2 OverdriveNadine Overdrive
Danelectro FAB Tone DistortionBoss MT-2
Mooer ShimVerbStrymon Blue Sky
Mooer Twin LooperBoss RC20
Caline CP-11 PufferJim Dunlop Fuzz Face (silicon)
DeltaLab TO1Ibanez Tube Screamer
TC Electronic Crescendo Auto SwellBoss SG-1 Slow Gear
TC Electronic Iron Curtain Noise GateBoss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
TC Electronic Eye Master Metal DistortionBoss HM-2 Heavy Metal
TC Electronic El Mocambo OverdriveIbanez TS-9
TC Electronic Honey Pot FuzzElectro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
TC Electronic 3rd Dimension ChorusBoss DC-2 Dimension Chorus
TC Electronic Thunderstorm FlangerBoss BF-2 Flanger
TC Electronic Rusty FuzzBoss FZ-2 HYPER Fuzz

13 Comments on “101 Effect Pedal Clones

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  5. I happen to sell Mooer and have some inside info:
    Ultra Drive – IS a DS-1 clone, but of the Keeley modded version.
    Pure Octave – I have seen no other pedal with this particular control layout; I think it is intended to be a very cheap and basic form of the EHX POG.
    Pitch Box – definitely not the Boss clone – it’s not intelligent. It’s closer to the EHX Pitch Fork than to anything else I know.
    Funky Monkey – while the AW is a touch wah, the Monkey is a time-based wah, working from an oscillator rather than the envelope. This may be an original design as modulation wahs are quite rare.
    I hope this is useful.

    • Hey, you listed 2 that I am going to build. The pog octave pedal? That’s the 1 with 2 outputs? I want my direct signal out as well as the effected.

  6. Great resource! Too bad you’re not keeping it up 🙁
    The entire Mosky brand is not represented here and yet, they have tons of clones!

  7. Here’s another for ya:

    Joyo Analog Delay= MXR Carbon Copy.

  8. Excellent list man. Just thought I’d point out the Rusty Fuzz is a fuzz face style fuzz, not the FZ-2, which is a superfuzz. I’d say its similar to the FZ-3, which is a fuzz face style fuzz with a tone control.

  9. I’ve got a Kokko FOD3 overdrive and it’s the cheapest and by far the best TS9 clone I’ve played!

  10. I wish I knew if the Modtone Bohemian Overdrive is an OCD clone. IT sounds a hell of a lot like one and the description says mosfet clipping and it has the +/- switch.

  11. How about the brand Nux? I own the OD-3 from Nux, which is a Tubescreaner clone. In general Nux makes pretty good pedals in my opinion.

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